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Alkaline Bath Salt

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Alkaline Bath Salt
Alkaline Bath Salt
Alkaline Bath Salt
Alkaline Bath Salt
Alkaline Bath Salt
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Alkaline baths serve to purify the skin. Acidic metabolic products are neutralized and mobilized throughout this process. The important aspects of this are the amount of alkaline bath salts and leaving yourself the necessary time for it to take effect.

For a full bath we recommend 200g bath salt and at least 20 minutes for maximum relaxation and purification of the skin.

Other alkaline bath salts often contain sea salt, which does not contribute to purification. Often you can also find ground gemstones, for example amethysts. We consider these additives to be as unnecessary as added fragrance.

You will receive 400g alkaline bath in one order, which is sufficient for two full baths.


ingredients Sodium Bicarbonate
Components Natriumhydrogenkarbonat
Recommendations for use Badezusatz zur Entschlackung

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