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Vitality Bath

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Vitality Bath
Vitality Bath
Vitality Bath
Vitality Bath
Vitality Bath
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Magnesium fulfills numerous functions in the body. For example, the magnesium ion is important for communication between nerve cells. A lack of magnesium can lead to muscle cramps. The main source of magnesium is our food, especially fruits and vegetables. If that is not enough, we offer an addition here. The magnesium compound contained in the vital bath is easily soluble and highly concentrated. This means that you can also absorb magnesium through your skin when you bathe. We recommend 200g per full bath for at least 20 minutes.

You get 400g Magnesium Vital Bath, sufficient for two full baths.

ingredients Magnesium Sulfate
Components Magnesiumsulfat
Allergens Keine
Recommendations for use Vitalisierender Badezusatz

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