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Mare's Milk Bathbomb with Milk Fragrance

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Mare's Milk Bathbomb with Milk Fragrance
Mare's Milk Bathbomb with Milk Fragrance
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Mare's Milk Bathbombs with Milk Frangrance dissolve all by themselves with a slight fizz after being added to your bath. The milk scent is released and spread by the steam. Just the right thing for a lovely, relaxing evening.

In contrast to many other bath additives, our products consist of nourishing cocoa butter and milk. The cocoa butter melts in the bath water at about 36°C. 

After the bath please be sure to dab yourself dry, as rubbing will prevent the delicate, moisurizing layer of cocoa butter. Milk baths are considered to be extremely soothing in themselves. This will be rounded off even moreso with our luxurious of cocoa butter. We use mare's milk for the production of these bathbombs, as opposed to cow's milk. The difference can be noticed in the bathtub. The skin feels much softer and more nourished, and there is no foam.

It is best to let the bath water in, get into the tub and only put the bathbomb into the water. In this way the scent unfolds optimally.

We've divided our bathbombs for you beforehand, as one half is enough for one full bath.

This product is made of cocoa butter, sodium hydrogen carbonate, starch, mare's milk, scented oil and citric acid.
INCI: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Theobroma Cacao Butter, Zea Mays Starch, Equae Lac Powder, Perfume
Aroma: slightly sweet warm milk
Allergens: none

ingredients Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Theobroma Cacao Butter, Zea Mays Starch, Equae Lac Powder, Parfum
Components Natriumhydrogenkarbonat, Zitronensäure, Kakaobutter, Maisstärke, Stutenmilchpulver, Parfüm
Allergens Keine
Recommendations for use Hochpflegender Badezusatz ohne Schaum

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