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Soaps are bought by function, appearance and of course, by smell. Unfortunately, this cannot be transmitted through our website. Get a better feel for our soaps by ordering a Sample Pack and discover the various fragrances.Pick 5 soaps of your liking from our assortment. Please remember that your c..
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Our Avocado Soap is particularly fine and mild. It delivers a rich, luxurious lather and is very gentle to the skin. We use unrefined green avocado oil which is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as biotin. A gift for your skin.The algae Spirulina provides important minerals which are incredi..
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Babajaga - we've known this Russian witch since the early years of our childhood. We also know that she is particularly dirty. Now we have invented an antidote: Babajaga is our soap for people who (have no choice but to) get dirty. Whether it's soot, car grease, or even resin, Babajaga is the answer..
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Our Shampoo soap can do many things; wash hair, clean hands and it is also wonderful for showering. They are now available in the shape of adorable sheep.The added primrose oil and chamomile guarantees plenty of care for skin and hair. It is produced entirely without dyes. The fresh scent reminds of..
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Our Black Shampoo Soap can do it all: of course it is great for washing hair, but it is also wonderful for cleaning your hands as well as showering. The added rice germ oil guarantees plenty of care for skin and hair alike. The activated charcoal (plant based) acts as a colorant, but its main p..
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Our Blackwood soap is made with gentle shea butter. The scent is a variation of Styrax; a resin derived from the Oriental amber tree. Its somewhat fragrancet is especially appealing to men.The rich foam slightly grey, which is caused by the activated charcoal. ..
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This Chinese soap may not originate from China, but it is produced right here in Pomerania. Its name is derived from the raw materials used: rice germ oil as a basis is combined with rice flour and silk to create a soap that leaves skin as soft as a feather after every shower.  Red clay ensures..
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Our Coffee Soap is definitely deserving of its name. Instead of water, strong coffee is used during the production process. We also added plenty of ground coffee beans to the mix. Why bother calling it Coffee Soap if the finished product does not have the signature coffee smell?This soap is abl..
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We produce DECOMED soap according to the original recipe by Fritz Schrafft (Karlsruhe) from 1952 with the original historical machinery. This soap is a pure coconut fat soap. It is vegan and it is produced without palm fat. It is suitable as universal soap even under difficult water conditions; it ..
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All the best from our sheep: milk for a luxurious, creamy foam and wool fat (lanolin) for skin care. Our lanolin is naturally pesticide-free. The shea butter also provides the Foam Sheep with plenty of allantoin and vitamins A and E. The foam sheep is wonderful for the skin. The fragrance is sligh..
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Our Gardener's soap is specially tailored to the needs of people who cannot or do not want to do without the direct contact of their hands with soil. Two different exfoliants ensure cleansing even in the deepest areas of the skin. The special essential oils refresh the skin. Sea buckthorn wax and he..
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Green Mosaic Avocado Soap combines gentle care with a unique Mediterranean fragrance experience. The lead role belongs to a refreshing citrus note, followed closely by a subtle scent of roses and finishing in an amber finale. The valuable ingredients found in avocado oil protects and ensures toucha..
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