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Small Soap

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Small Soap
Small Soap
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We love these cute little pieces of soap and always try to offer these of all kinds during the production of our regular sized products. They are packaged just like the larger versions. 
The small soaps are fantastic for any occasion; as a small thank you gift for example. 

Since the small soap versions we offer are constantly changing and rotating, please write us to specify which ones you prefer.

Currently in stock we have the following types:  Blackwood, Lemon Lavender

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Soap and more from the Seifenmeister

Since 2006, we have been producing an array of soap and soap-related products in the rural Mecklenburg, Verpommern.

We use regional products – everything we need is right in front of our door – and produce in an environmentally conscious manner, so our planet continues to thrive.

When manufacturing our soaps, bath salts, shaving gear and accessories, we are passionate about using only the best ingredients, and refrain from using perfumes or dyes.

Nature is beautiful!

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