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Pure Soaps

Pure Soaps
Our Avocado Soap is particularly fine and mild. It delivers a rich, luxurious lather and is very gentle to the skin. We use unrefined green avocado oil which is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as biotin. A gift for your skin.The algae Spirulina provides important minerals which are incredi..
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This Chinese soap may not originate from China, but it is produced right here in Pomerania. Its name is derived from the raw materials used: rice germ oil as a basis is combined with rice flour and silk to create a soap that leaves skin as soft as a feather after every shower.  Red clay ensures..
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Coffee Soap Coffee Soap
Our Coffee Soap is definitely deserving of its name. Instead of water, strong coffee is used during the production process. We also added plenty of ground coffee beans to the mix. Why bother calling it Coffee Soap if the finished product does not have the signature coffee smell?This soap is abl..
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Babajaga - we've known this Russian witch since the early years of our childhood. We also know that she is particularly dirty. Now we have invented an antidote: Babajaga is our soap for people who (have no choice but to) get dirty. Whether it's soot, car grease, or even resin, Babajaga is the answer..
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Ringelrein Ringelrein
Marigold flower petals gave this olive oil soap its name. There are really large amounts of it. Marigolds have long been considered anti-inflammatory, calming and wound healing. We have not added any colorings or fragrances. The main ingredient is olive oil, which ensures a fine-pored, nourishing ..
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