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Special Soaps

Special Soaps
Gardener's Soap Gardener's Soap
Our Gardener's soap is specially tailored to the needs of people who cannot or do not want to do without the direct contact of their hands with soil. Two different exfoliants ensure cleansing even in the deepest areas of the skin. The special essential oils refresh the skin. Sea buckthorn wax and he..
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This herbal soap contains seven herbs that are used in monastic medicine against skin impurities, to ensure the quick healing of wounds, and against excessive scarring. Paired with a high cleansing power and the soothing care brought to you by almond oil and shea butter, this is a product which we c..
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Shampoo Soap with Herbs Shampoo Soap with Herbs
Our herbal shampoo soap can do many things: wash hair, clean hands and it is also wonderful for showering. The added primrose oil guarantees plenty of care for skin and hair. It is produced without dyes.To wash your hair, simply rub the soap gently over wet hair. When travelling or on holiday our sh..
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