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We are happy to produce gits for your company or for large private events. Gifts from our production are always completely individual. This has the advantage of absolute exclusivity for you as a customer. A ballpoint pen sporting a logo or slogan is practical - but almost everyone has one.Our specia..
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This elegant soap is made with real vanilla bean paste. The tiny black seeds are not only decorative, but also have an exfoliating effect. The sheabutter (Karité) yields a creamy, luxurious foam and gives your skin the extra ounce of love it deserves. The fragrance reminds one of vanillabean moreso ..
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This herbal soap contains seven herbs that are used in monastic medicine against skin impurities, to ensure the quick healing of wounds, and against excessive scarring. Paired with a high cleansing power and the soothing care brought to you by almond oil and shea butter, this is a product which we c..
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Old Pomeranian Soap
This Old Pomeranian soap is based on a historical recipe from Szczecin. Back in the day, during economically well-off  times, there was enough cheap lard available on the market, which was often used to be processed into soaps. Lard soaps are characterized by a very stable foam and fine pores. ..
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Olibaba Lemon-Lavender Olibaba Lemon-Lavender
Olibaba soaps are our most easily tolerable soaps. They combine the gentle care of olive oil with the cleansing power of babassu oil. The blue marbling and lavender scent make Olibaba Lemon-Lavender a classic. It is scented exclusively with essential oils and the addition of silk makes the skin ..
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Olibaba soaps are our most easily tolerable soaps. They combine the gentle care of olive oil with the cleansing power of babassu oil. The green marbling and lavender scent make Olibaba Tart Lavender a classic. It is scented exclusively with essential oils. The addition of silk results in luxuriou..
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Organic goat's milk and honey pamper the skin, and ground oats gently massage and moisturize. In combination with jojoba oil, the result is smooth, beautifully-cared-for skin. We recommend using this on the face for a mild exfoliating experience. Due to the absence of perfumes it is especially..
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Pommerngold Pommerngold
Pommerngold is a collective of regional raw materials such as yellow cold-pressed rapeseed oil derived from the fields right in front of our door, as well as sunflower oil from Poland. The yellow-orange colour comes from sea buckthorn pulp oil. We chose regional rosehip oil (wild rose oil) from..
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Ringelrein Ringelrein
Marigold flower petals gave this olive oil soap its name. There are really large amounts of it. Marigolds have long been considered anti-inflammatory, calming and wound healing. We have not added any colorings or fragrances. The main ingredient is olive oil, which ensures a fine-pored, nourishing ..
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Soaps are bought by function, appearance and of course, by smell. Unfortunately, this cannot be transmitted through our website. Get a better feel for our soaps by ordering a Sample Pack and discover the various fragrances.We select five varieties for you, let us surprise you. If you would like ..
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Rice germ oil is very well suited for soap making. The resulting soap has a delicate lather, is very gentle on the skin and yet cleanses thoroughly. Helena - the beautiful one - got its name from us because it is visually appealing despite its restrained colourfulness. What's more, her fragran..
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Our herbal shampoo soap can do many things: wash hair, clean hands and it is also wonderful for showering. The added primrose oil guarantees plenty of care for skin and hair. It is produced without dyes.To wash your hair, simply rub the soap gently over wet hair. When travelling or on holiday our sh..
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